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What Is A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric nurse practitioners are health care providers who have completed a master’s degree in nursing, with a concentration in mental health care. A psychiatric NP can diagnose, treat, and manage mental health illness, such as Anxiety, Depression, or Bipolar Disorder in a similar way as a psychiatrist.

How are we different? As psychiatric nurse practitioners, we provide a more holistic treatment approach of the individual in addition to medication treatments.

We often spend more time in the assessment of your concerns, recommend additional testing or blood work, and work with you as an individual on your treatment goals using solution-focused or supportive therapy. We work in collaboration with a psychiatrist to optimize treatment outcomes.

Here at ONE, our psychiatric nurse practitioners are committed to:

Understanding and properly assessing your concerns

Determining if additional providers such as talk therapists, or other medical professionals should be referred to, to rule out other underlying medical conditions.

Develop a treatment and care management plan with you that will help you on the path towards the healthier life you want.

How are we different from therapists?

Therapists and counselors are a group of providers who exclusively provide talk therapy for individuals and families with mental health illness, such as Anxiety or Depression, or emotional concerns, such as partner conflict, grief, or trauma. A therapist may be a psychologist with a PhD. Or they could be a counselor, who is a social worker with a master’s degree; they are often referred to as a LISW or LPCC.

What is the nurse practitioner relationship with the psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a physician who specialized in treating psychiatric illness during their years in medical school.

A psychiatrist may also diagnose, treat, and manage psychiatric illnesses, such as Anxiety, Depression, or Bipolar Disorder. They most often treat or manage these conditions by prescribing medications or other medical interventions depending on the diagnosis. 

Psychiatric nurse practitioners maintain a collaborative relationship with a psychiatrist, in the event a second opinion and/or a different level of care is needed. 

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